WWF moderates new Euractiv’s wikidossier on biofuels and biomass

Posted on 18 January 2013   |  
Euractiv-s wikidossiers
© Euractiv
WWF has recently been appointed as moderator of the new Euractiv’s wikidossier on biofuels and biomass.

One topic on advanced biofuels and another one on the Indirect land-use change (ILUC) are already open for discussion.

Through this unique Community-based wikidossier, Euractiv will help to stimulate information sharing on biofuels and biomass policies in the European Union.

Join now some of the most influential people from the industry, policy, and research within the energy and environmental sectors and share your position on biofuels and biomass.

Register now. It will only take a few moments.
Euractiv-s wikidossiers
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