The natural wealth of the Mediterranean

Working for nature and people in the Mediterranean

Our goal is to conserve the natural wealth of the Mediterranean and to promote sustainable environment-friendly practices for the benefit of all.

Our work

  • Conservation of forest, freshwater and marine ecosystems, promoting the establishment of protected areas and resource use practices that maintain biodiversity and ecological functions.
  • Promoting a sustainable fisheries regime in the entire basin.
  • Preventing nature loss from mass tourism.
  • Ensuring that the EU Mediterranean policy is ecologically sustainable and socially equitable.
  • Improving and implementing measures against pollution through the Barcelona Convention.
  • Supporting the development and growth of environmental NGOs.
  • Communications and advocacy to inform people, to raise awareness and to persuade decision makers and stakeholders to act.

Where we work

The geographical scope of the WWF Mediterranean Programme includes all countries bordering the Mediterranean as well as Jordan, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Portugal.

The WWF Mediterranean Programme Office is based in Rome, Italy, with a project office in Tunisia, the Across The Waters capacity building programme in Barcelona, Spain, and a project coordinator in Morocco.

The programme works in close collaboration with WWF offices in France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey, and runs several projects in partnership with national and local NGOs in Croatia, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Portugal, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Conservation programmes are developed in ecoregions not covered by WWF national organizations.

The Mediterranean ecoregions we work in are:

  • Dinaric Arc
  • South West Mediterranean
  • Southern Anatolia
	© WWF / Emma Duncan
Paolo Guglielmi from WWF-Mediterranean.
© WWF / Emma Duncan
	© WWF Mediterranean / Pedro Regato
Riparian woodlands, Cuenca, Spain.
© WWF Mediterranean / Pedro Regato
Time running out to save bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean 
	© M. San Felix
Time running out to save bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean
© M. San Felix