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Across The Waters is the capacity building programme of WWF Mediterranean.

ATW aims to generate and multiple biodiversity conservation and sustainable development initiatives in the Mediterranean region by strengthening the capacity of conservation activists and institutions through the enhancement of their technical, organizational, and strategic planning skills.

Why capacity building?
Given the incredible diversity of ecosystems, countries, and cultures in the Mediterranean , WWF’s mission in the area can only be achieved through a collaborative approach and with the support of stakeholders. Our long-term based partnership strategy, particularly with southern and eastern NGOs, reflects this fact.

Breaking down barriers, building bridges, and acting together. Our goal is to create a platform where organizations and individuals work together to achieve common conservation objectives, share experiences, and learn from one another. The objective is to multiple the impact of these organizations and add value to their work at the local, national, and regional levels.

Across The Waters has set up a number of capacity building tools - small grants, training courses, exchanges, leadership program, newsletter and database - that continually interact and evolve to increase their impact.

Since 1994, ATW has supported more than 120 environmental organizations while more than 650 individuals have taken part in its training programs and about 2,000 institutions have been reached by at least one of its initiatives. Additionally, ATW has created a broad network of environmental institutions and practitioners throughout the Mediterranean basin which communicate, exchange experiences, and develop joint initiatives with ATW as their facilitator.



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Capacity building is an ongoing process of helping people, organizations and societies improve and adapt to changes around them. Performance and improvements are taken in the light of the mission, objectives, context, resources and sustainability.

Rick James, INTRAC