Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: sustainability at risk

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If we were to name an iconic species of the Mediterranean sea, it would no doubt be the Atlantic bluefin tuna. Strangely, not many people know about this amazing animal, which is one of the biggest and one of the most commercially valuable fish in the world. Precisely for this, it has been heavily overfished for decades and the victim of widespread pirate fishing especially in its main spawning grounds across the Mediterranean. Learn about this amazing species, follow our work and help us provide a sustainable future for this "most wanted" fish.

An amazing fish

 / ©: Brian J. Skerry / National Geographic Stock / WWF
© Brian J. Skerry / National Geographic Stock / WWF
The Atlantic bluefin tuna is a magnificent predatory fish. This giant is faster than a speeding bullet constantly on the move. A voracious predator with a long life – when he makes it.

Overexploited for its value

Tuna for sale at the Tokyo Fish Market, Japan / ©: WWF
It’s the world’s most valuable fish mainly because of the increasing Japanese and worldwide demand for sushi and sashimi. Therefore it has been risking extinction over the last decades.

Insider stories

 / ©: WWF Mediterranean
© WWF Mediterranean
Realizing the bluefin tuna crisis, scientists, restaurant owners and even fishermen decided to denounce unsustainable fishing practices or ban bluefin tuna from their menus.

Science in action

On the Med tuna trail / ©: WWF
“On the Med Tuna Trail” studies the migration of this Atlantic fish in the Mediterranean, using electronic tags. With greater knowledge, we can better advise fisheries managers.

Advocating for sustainability

 / ©: Phil Dickie/WWF
© Phil Dickie/WWF
We advocate with governments, NGOs, as well as with the tuna fishing and processing industry to improve the status of this species whilst ensuring its sustainable future.

How you can help

WWF and Spanish artisanal tuna fishers join in a demonstration asking the International Commission ... / ©: WWF/Carlos G. Vallecillo
© WWF/Carlos G. Vallecillo
It is virtually impossible for you to know whether tuna has been caught legally or as a juvenile. Still, there are things you can do to support its sustainable fishing.

Read our reports

 / ©: WWF
WWF has been working on the bluefin tuna issue for the last 12 years. Here you can read, download and share the latest scientific productions on the topic.

Media Centre

 / ©: ICIJ
Stay tuned with the tuna! Help us tell the story to the whole world by downloading and sharing our multimedia resources. Videos, photos, banners, PRs and more.
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