The MedPAN South Project

Brijuni National Park, Croatia
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Working together for more effective Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean.

The MedPAN South Project (2008-2012) was a collaborative project aimed at improving the management effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the south and east of the Mediterranean and supporting the creation of new ones.

Led by WWF Mediterranean, it partnered with more than 20 national and international organizations to deliver an ambitious programme of support for the MPAs and relevant authorities in the 11 GEF-eligible countries of the south and east of the Mediterranean.

Project achievements at a glance

Through a combination of initiatives at the regional and national level, the Project addressed several shortfalls that prevented MPAs from becoming operational.

At the regional level, the Project delivered on building the capacity of MPA practitioners, in strengthening the network of MPAs in the region and creating troubleshooting mechanisms that MPAs can refer to when in need of support.

In addition, the Project specifically engaged 5 countries (Algeria, Croatia, Libya, Tunisia, and Turkey) to ensure that their MPAs were transformed from a dormant state into an operational state, with trained and equipped staff, standardised management plans, scientifically sound monitoring, and approved zoning plans.

However, the real strength of the WWF approach through the MedPAN South Project was the adoption of a participatory approach, where stakeholder engagement in MPA ‘business’ was key to securing buy-in from local communities and stakeholders (including fishermen), endorsement from national and local governments, and ownership of the MPA.

In parallel, thanks to the collaboration and exchanges built during the entire process, the MedPAN South Project supported and strengthened MedPAN, the network of MPAs in the Mediterranean.

Project overview

Project Duration
  • 48 months (Nov 2008 - Oct 2012)
Total Project Budget
  • 3,800,100 Euros
  • MPAs managers, practitioners and relevant authorities of Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Montenegro, Syria, Tunisia, Palestine, and Turkey.
  • Support countries in the south and east of the Mediterranean to improve the management effectiveness of their MPAs
  • Promote the establishment of new MPAs
  • Strengthen MedPAN, the Mediterranean network of MPA managers
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Funding Breakdown for the MEDPAN SOUTH project.
With financial support from the MAVA Foundation, the French Global Environmental Facility and EC/UNEP.
MedPAN partners
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