The SEA-Med Project

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Sustainable Economic Activities in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas

WWF Mediterranean has launched a project to support southern and eastern MPAs.

In the Mediterranean, the majority of MPAs are still struggling to become fully operational and to demonstrate that their ecological, social and economic benefits effectively contribute to local economies. WWF is working with the governments and authorities in 7 MPAs to move them towards a state of financial and operational self-sufficiency. WWF's SEA-Med project addresses fisheries and tourism management through a stakeholder participatory approach, to demonstrate the value of MPAs for marine resources management and livelihood generation and to contribute to the creation of exemplary models of Integrated Coastal Management Zones.


The SEA-Med Project delivers on the WWF Mediterranean Initiative, WWF's network strategy for the conservation of the Mediterranean Sea, and it is integrated in the partnership "Management model of coastal, insular and marine areas in the Mediterranean" that brings together the Conservatoire du Littoral, MedPAN and WWF Mediterranean.

Specifically, the SEA-Med project will support Lastovo Islands and Telašćica Nature Parks (Croatia), Karaburun-Sazan Marine National Park (Albania), Kaş-Kekova SPA (Turkey), Ain-al-Ghazalah and Farwa Lagoon MPAs (Libya), Cap Négro-Cap Serrat MCPA (Tunisia), and Taza National Park (Algeria).

The project focus

1.     Developing and implementing science-based management plans, with active stakeholder participation.

2.     Improving MPA governance and establishing long term MPA management models.

3.     Developing good management practices through work with local tourism businesses and artisanal fishermen.

4.     Promoting business-to-business exchanges to adopt nature-based tourism initiatives.

5.     Strengthening regional cooperation and networking among MPAs.



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