The Dinaric Arc Sustainable Hydropower Initiative

Grabovica dam on Neretva, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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In 2011, WWF Mediterranean launched the WWF DASHI project to mitigate the consequences of existing and planned hydropower plants in the Dinaric Arc.

The key goal of DASHI is to help secure the long-term viability of freshwater ecosystems in the region. Indeed, hydropower is booming, while many rivers are already dammed.

DASHI aims to change the way in which hydropower is conceived and hydropower projects are planned and developed in the Dinaric Arc.

The boost of hydropower development in the region is due to a mix of local energy demand, troubled economies which look at energy export as an important revenue, the availability of resources from foreign investors and/or financing institutions, and availability of water.

By the end of 2013 we aim to have WWF priority conservation areas in the Dinaric Arc preserved from hydropower destruction and a dynamic, engaged and active civil society movement advocating for sustainable hydropower practices in the Dinaric Arc.

The goals of the DASHI project
  • to mitigate the greatest threat to freshwater ecosystems in the Dinaric Arc, which is hydropower development,
  • to protect and preserve the most important habitats in the priority basins,
  • to succeed in having sustainable hydropower recognized as a feasible practice in the region.

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WWF Conference on sustainable hydropower

In 2009, WWF organised the first international conference on sustainable hydropower in the Dinaric Arc. The objective was to gather the key stakeholders and decision makers in dam development and operation in the region to discuss hydropower schemes through the adoption of environmental standards, and help them to make informed and science-based choices for mitigating the impacts of dams in the region.
Watch here interviews from the conference

We intend to react not only to major projects in preparation or development, but also to influence the way water managers make decisions, investors make investments and civil society participates in the decision making process—now and in the future.

Francesca Antonelli
Head of WWF Freshwater Programme

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