Big Jump events celebrate healthy rivers in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia | WWF

Big Jump events celebrate healthy rivers in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia

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08 July 2016

Vienna – WWF is organizing the Big Jump event again this year in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. Thousands of people will run and jump into the Danube and other rivers to show the need for their protection and also to celebrate the initiative to create a five-country Transboundary Biosphere Reserve along the Mura, Drava and Danube rivers, also known as “Amazon of Europe”. 14 July is celebrated as Amazon of Europe Day.
This year the Big Jump is taking place at 3 pm on Sunday, 10 July.
In Hungary it is organized by WWF and partners at 16 locations throughout the country: Herend, Heresznye, Sződliget, Gyermely, Kisoroszi, Nagymaros, Nagykörű, Sajóörös, Cégénydányád, Ibrány, Túristvándi, Törökszentmiklós, Zebegény, Vác, Dunabogdán and Mosonmagyaróvár.
The main Big Jump event will take place on the free beach of Dunabogdány. Last year, almost 300 people ran into the Danube together, in order to stand up for the protection of healthy rivers. “We start with our traditional beach volleyball championship open for all participants at the spot, and of course we have prizes for the winning teams! A giant slide, an adventure park, handicraft corner, water playground for the little ones, smooth DJ tunes, and our trademark giant fluffy panda await the visitors. We also encourage everyone to take the opportunity to mark the event with something peculiar, whether that be funny clothes, football supporting memorabilia or entire jumping choreographies – they all are welcome. Big Jump is about preserving the condition of our living rivers, so all contributions in support of this key message are welcome” – said Alexa Antal, Head of Communications at WWF Hungary.
WWF is also organizing a bike trip from Budapest to Dunabogdány, to which participants should register at

The acclaimed Swabian Band of Dunabogdány will motivate the participants in the celebration event. Across the Danube, the village of Kisoroszi will organize its own Big Jump as well. Along with listening to the clashing “battle-cries” from both banks, there’s no doubt visitors will be part of an exciting day on the two sides of the river this Sunday.
In Croatia the main event for the traditional Amazon of Europe Day and Big Jump will be held in Varaždin at the old Dravsko pools, organized by WWF and partners. There, the celebrations will go on over the whole weekend, including two concerts, a series of workshops, beach football, water games and much more.
In addition to Varaždin, celebrations will take place at 4 more locations along the Croatian Drava. Various other activities will be organised, ranging from canoeing and a rafting regatta to local folklore, environmental films, exhibitions and educational activities. Events will be organized at Sip on Beach, Halaš Carda in Legrad, the Amazon Beach in Mary, the Drava at the Sacrum in Pitomača and the Golden Beam in Lug.

In Austria and Slovenia WWF and local partners in Slovenia are celebrating Amazon of Europe Day, including the Big Jump, at the border on the Mura river at Halbenrain and Apače. This year the Austrian and Slovenian celebrations take place for the fourth time and visitors can indulge in locally produced food and drinks, listen to some folklore music and get some information about nature conservation. The event will be kicked-off by interesting speeches at 1 pm on Sunday, 10 July.

In Serbia Amazon of Europe Day and the Big Jump will take place on 14 July, Thursday in Belgrade. WWF volunteers, national kayak association and nature TV presenter Andrej Maričić will join forces at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers at 11 am.