Algeria launches bold strategy to conserve its wetlands | WWF

Algeria launches bold strategy to conserve its wetlands

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17 March 2017

In a major boost for Algeria’s vulnerable wetlands, the government has adopted a new national strategy to conserve them for the long-term benefit of people and nature.
Officially launched in February, the 15-year National Strategy for Ecosystem Management of Wetlands marks a new era in wetland conservation in the country.
While Algeria boasts 50 Ramsar sites – more than any other country in Africa – this is the first time that it has developed a comprehensive approach to the sustainable utilization of its diverse wetlands.
With financial and technical support from UNDP and WWF, the strategy is the culmination of a five-year process, which involved securing the endorsement of every provincial government.
“This strategy is very important and we are excited to see it finalised and now to see it implemented,” said Denis Landenbergue, WWF International's Wetlands Conservation Manager, who has been involved throughout the strategy development process.
“There is real political weight behind this strategy, which provides clear direction for the national and provincial governments to ensure the conservation of Algeria’s wetlands.”