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ANP and WWF join forces for nature in Portugal

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26 January 2018

Lisbon, January 26, 2018 - A new civil society organization – Associação Natureza Portugal (ANP) – is being launched today, to engage in the conservation of Portugal’s natural wealth for the benefit of all. ANP will work closely with WWF to implement a joint strategy.

With headquarters in Lisbon, ANP began its activity on 1 January 2018, in alignment with the mission and strategy of WWF. ANP will continue to build on the successes achieved by WWF Mediterranean over the last 20 years, and will scale up the conservation of important forest ecosystems, the protection of Portugal’s vast marine area and improvement of fisheries management, the conservation of freshwater ecosystems and the water resources they provide.

ANP and WWF will work together towards common goals and to build partnerships with government, science, business, civil society and all who are ready to join the transformation towards a sustainable world.

As a credible conservation actor, ANP will influence policies and protect natural values and national biodiversity. The association aims to be an innovative leader in the protection of natural resources and to strengthen ties to Portuguese society, catalysing a wide range of partnerships and alliances.

Talking about the newly formed association, Angela Morgado, Executive Director, says "ANP is proud to have a group of founders with a recognized profile in Portuguese society, including academics, private and public sector, media and communications professionals, and a professional and qualified team that has developed WWF's conservation work in Portugal over many years."

Ms Morgado, a sociologist, communications and fundraising expert and former coordinator of the WWF Mediterranean program in Portugal, will lead the ANP team of conservation, communications, marketing and fundraising specialists.

She is supported by ANP’s Board of Directors, with President Francisco Rego – ISA professor and coordinator of the CEABN research center – Vice-President Catarina Grilo – a marine biologist, working at the Gulbenkian Foundation ­– and Treasurer Nuno Pina, manager and financial director of the Helen Keller Foundation.

ANP’s General Assembly is chaired by António Gonçalves Ferreira (President of UNAC), Vice-President, Nuno Calado (Secretary-General of UNAC) and Secretary Alexandra Silva, creator of Nheko, an online eco-project.

The board of auditors includes Rui Hortelão, a journalist and former director of the magazine Sábado, Paulo Caixeiro, publicist and former Director of Clients at Ogilvy Portugal and Bernardo Augusto, Head of the Climate Change and Sustainability department of EY Portugal.

For Francisco Rego, President of the ANP Board, "this is a very important step for the Portuguese environmental movement. It is with joy that I take part in this new project; aligned with WWF International, ANP will continue to develop the credible conservation work, known to Portuguese people, and to which we are all fully dedicated."

About ANP

The Associação Natureza Portugal (ANP) is a non-profit Portuguese NGO dedicated to the conservation of nature and the protection of the planet, in line with WWF's mission and international strategy.

Beginning in 2018, this association is active in the defense of biological diversity and ecological processes in Portugal and will carry on and scale up the work done by WWF Mediterranean over the last 20 years.

Conservation successes of WWF in Portugal include the Cork Oak landscapes programme that certified 120 000 hectares of Portuguese cork forests, the Green Heart of Cork, a payment for ecosystems project that awarded land owners for their responsible forest practices, the European Fish Forward project that promotes responsible consumption of fish and seafood that reached 2.8 million Portuguese consumers over the past 3 years, the launch of the first  fisheries co-management committee in Portugal and the hugely influential Earth Hour that gathered over 140 Portuguese municipalities in 2017 for global climate action.

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ANP in association with WWF
Executive Director: Angela Morgado
Conservation: Rui Barreira
Oceans and Fisheries: Rita Sá
Communications: Marta Barata and Rita Rodrigues
Marketing and Associates: Ana Gama
Finance and HR: Margarida Carvalho Neto

Water and Food: Afonso do Ó
Forests and Biodiversity: Miguel Bugalho
Ecosystem Services: Filipe Dias
Marine Protected Areas: Bárbara Horta e Costa

Contact: Marta Barata | Communication Technician / Communications Officer | ANP in association with WWF | Skype: mbarata4 | Email: | Phone: +351 917 114 651 |