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For nature. For people.

You don’t need us to tell you how precious the Mediterranean is.
Turquoise seas. Emerald forests. Crystal waters. The jewels of the Mediterranean have dazzled since the dawn of civilization. And its natural riches continue to sustain and delight millions of people today.
At WWF Mediterranean, we treasure the Med as much as you do. That’s why we’re working across the region to protect the landscapes and seascapes we all love, and to make sure nature and people can thrive together – now and always.

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The Mediterranean is as beautiful as it is fragile. Today it is under threat. Learn more about what WWF is doing to change this.

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Socio-economic impacts of the EU Common Fisheries Policy - An evaluation of the European Union fishing fleet and options for the future

Half of EU fishers earn under national minimum wage

While many EU fisheries are failing to break even, tax exemptions that fuel unsustainable practices are putting the whole sector at risk.

19 Jul 2021 Read more »
WWF Blue Panda Journey 2021

WWF launches 5-month sailing journey to unveil Mediterranean marine treasures and free them from ghost gear

After a year of forced pause due to the pandemic, the Blue Panda, WWF’s Mediterranean Marine Initiative sailboat, is ready to set sail for a ...

25 Jun 2021 Read more »
Soft corals are threatened by warming temperatures and extreme weather in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean is turning into the fastest warming sea with irreversible changes for marine and human life

Almost 1000 alien species have already migrated into the warming waters of the Mediterranean Sea and replaced endemic species, while increasingly ...

08 Jun 2021 Read more »
Mato Frankovic, Mayor of Dubrovnik signed the first plan of actions to reduce plastic pollution

The Smart City Dubrovnik adopts first plan of actions to reduce plastic pollution

The Plastic Smart City of Dubrovnik has formally adopted the first plan of actions to tackle its plastic pollution by 2026 including key measures to ...

16 Apr 2021 Read more »
Blue Panda

Call for Blue Panda Communications Expert

WWF is looking for an engaged and creative communications expert to join our Blue Panda boat crew and local teams and promote the protection of ...

15 Apr 2021 Read more »

Anne Rémy

Director of Communications and Corporate Relations
WWF Mediterranean, Rome
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