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You don’t need us to tell you how precious the Mediterranean is.
Turquoise seas. Emerald forests. Crystal waters. The jewels of the Mediterranean have dazzled since the dawn of civilization. And its natural riches continue to sustain and delight millions of people today.
At WWF Mediterranean, we treasure the Med as much as you do. That’s why we’re working across the region to protect the landscapes and seascapes we all love, and to make sure nature and people can thrive together – now and always.

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The Mediterranean is as beautiful as it is fragile. Today it is under threat. Learn more about what WWF is doing to change this.

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Protecting marine ecosystems

Why and where to protect 30% of the Mediterranean Sea to recover vital biodiversity and fisheries, new study reveals

Mediterranean fish stocks, including the most commercially valuable hakes and groupers, could strongly recover if 30% of the sea is effectively ...

25 Feb 2021 Read more »
Atlantic bluefin tuna shoal, Malta

Bluefin Symposium Celebrates Conservation Gains While Urging Continued Action

Once fished to the point of collapse, the population of Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna has experienced several years of growth after ...

05 Feb 2021 Read more »
Fishermen in Telascica, Croatia.

First co-managed fishery area adopted by law in Croatia

Croatia’s government has adopted the first fishery management plans for the Telašćica and Lastovo Islands nature parks

07 Jan 2021 Read more »
Stranded whale Greece

Sperm whale stranded in Greece calls for urgent action

On Wednesday December 23, a sperm whale was found stranded on the beach of Freattida, close to the port of Piraeus- one of the busiest ports in the ...

24 Dec 2020 Read more »
The Mayor of Trogir and Sunce signing the Plastic Smart City agreement

The City of Trogir joins the fight against plastic pollution in the Mediterranean

Trogir, Croatia, 30 October 2020 - After Dubrovnik, the City of Trogir is the second Croatia city to say “NO” to plastic pollution and to join WWF’s ...

30 Oct 2020 Read more »
Atlantic bluefin tuna shoal, Malta

New flawed MSC certification of bluefin tuna risks reaching the Mediterranean market, warns WWF

Today, WWF sent a public letter to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) raising concerns over the potential certification of the French SATHOAN ...

28 Oct 2020 Read more »

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