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Socio-economic impacts of the EU Common Fisheries Policy - An evaluation of the European Union fishing fleet and options for the future

Half of EU fishers earn under national minimum wage

While many EU fisheries are failing to break even, tax exemptions that fuel unsustainable practices are putting the whole sector at risk.

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WWF Blue Panda Journey 2021

WWF launches 5-month sailing journey to unveil Mediterranean marine treasures and free them from ghost gear

After a year of forced pause due to the pandemic, the Blue Panda, WWF’s Mediterranean Marine Initiative sailboat, is ready to set sail for a ...

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Soft corals are threatened by warming temperatures and extreme weather in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean is turning into the fastest warming sea with irreversible changes for marine and human life

Almost 1000 alien species have already migrated into the warming waters of the Mediterranean Sea and replaced endemic species, while increasingly ...

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Mato Frankovic, Mayor of Dubrovnik signed the first plan of actions to reduce plastic pollution

The Smart City Dubrovnik adopts first plan of actions to reduce plastic pollution

The Plastic Smart City of Dubrovnik has formally adopted the first plan of actions to tackle its plastic pollution by 2026 including key measures to ...

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Blue Panda

Call for Blue Panda Communications Expert

WWF is looking for an engaged and creative communications expert to join our Blue Panda boat crew and local teams and promote the protection of ...

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Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) schooling, Mexico.

The building blocks of bluefin tuna sustainability

The stock of Atlantic bluefin tuna is slowly recovering, but what needs to happen to move from recovery to full sustainability?

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Venice joins WWF Plastic Smart Cities Initiative

Venice and WWF together in the fight against plastic pollution

Today, the City of Venice has formally joined the global WWF Plastic Smart Cities initiative.

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Protecting marine ecosystems

Why and where to protect 30% of the Mediterranean Sea to recover vital biodiversity and fisheries, new study reveals

Mediterranean fish stocks, including the most commercially valuable hakes and groupers, could strongly recover if 30% of the sea is effectively ...

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Atlantic bluefin tuna shoal, Malta

Bluefin Symposium Celebrates Conservation Gains While Urging Continued Action

Once fished to the point of collapse, the population of Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna has experienced several years of growth after ...

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Fishermen in Telascica, Croatia.

First co-managed fishery area adopted by law in Croatia

Croatia’s government has adopted the first fishery management plans for the Telašćica and Lastovo Islands nature parks

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Stranded whale Greece

Sperm whale stranded in Greece calls for urgent action

On Wednesday December 23, a sperm whale was found stranded on the beach of Freattida, close to the port of Piraeus- one of the busiest ports in the ...

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The Mayor of Trogir and Sunce signing the Plastic Smart City agreement

The City of Trogir joins the fight against plastic pollution in the Mediterranean

Trogir, Croatia, 30 October 2020 - After Dubrovnik, the City of Trogir is the second Croatia city to say “NO” to plastic pollution and to join WWF’s ...

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Atlantic bluefin tuna shoal, Malta

New flawed MSC certification of bluefin tuna risks reaching the Mediterranean market, warns WWF

Today, WWF sent a public letter to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) raising concerns over the potential certification of the French SATHOAN ...

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Ghost gear is the deadliest form of plastic debris for marine life

New report from WWF says abandoned fishing gear an “immortal menace” which must be central in the fight against plastic pollution

Abandoned fishing gear is the deadliest form of plastic debris for marine life and has already driven the vaquita porpoise and other marine mammals ...

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Dubrovnik joins the fight against plastic pollution

Dubrovnik joins the fight against plastic

The city of Dubrovnik has recently signed an agreement with the Croatian Association for Nature, Environment, and Sustainable Development Sunce and ...

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Fisheries are on the decline in Madagascar and around the world.

WWF urges FAO to chart a new course for fisheries and aquaculture

The increase in fisheries classified as overfished by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the growing gulf between well managed and ...

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The Blue Recovery of the Mediterranean: the sea holds the future of the whole region

In a Mediterranean region ravaged by the COVID-19 epidemic and that is struggling to kick off an unpromising 2020 tourism season, on World Oceans Day ...

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Trial on MSC bluefin tuna certification: profit may overrule sustainability

Rome, Italy - WWF is objecting to the potential sustainability certification by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) of the first Atlantic bluefin ...

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WWF statement on MSC’s lack of reform

With the release of the MSC’s Fisheries Certification Process v 2.2 on 25 March 2020, WWF is very concerned by the lack of overall improvements, and ...

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