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Our Team

With a team of more than 80 people in 10 countries across the Mediterranean, we combine regional perspectives and connections with local knowledge and relationships.

We’re a diverse group, with a huge range of experience and expertise. Our team includes specialists in marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems, of course, as well as areas such as forestry, fisheries and water management. We also have experts in areas such as policy and legislation, green economies, communications and campaigning, corporate relations and finance and administration. What unites all of us is our determination to protect the unique values of the Mediterranean.

Regional leadership, coordination and development unit
The leadership unit is in charge of planning and directing our work across the whole region. Our main HQ is in Rome, where we share an office with WWF-Italy. We also have an office in Barcelona, which carries out much of our work on fisheries.

WWF-North Africa
Our North Africa office is based in Tunis, and oversees programmes in Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia. We also have a team in Morocco together with the NGO AESVT. Issues we’re dealing with in North Africa include conserving wetlands and water, forest management, responsible tourism, green economy, marine protected areas and environmental education.

Our office in Zagreb coordinates work in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and Albania. Areas of focus include protected areas, sustainable hydropower, sustainable seafood consumption and supporting countries to meet the environmental requirements for joining the EU.

In Portugal, we have a small team working with industry and forest owners to make sure the region’s unique cork oak forests are protected and managed sustainably. We’re also supporting sustainable fisheries and sustainable seafood consumption in the country.

We also work closely with WWF national offices in France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey, and with local NGOs right across the Mediterranean.

Meet our staff

Joining the WWF team was a great source of satisfaction and fulfillment – I am committed to a cause that is very dear to me. Morocco is a country rich in contrasts and possibilities thanks to its great diversity of natural resources as well as its varied climate. I believe in our ability to work together to achieve sustainable development. And I'm dedicated to raising awareness on our potential and encouraging people to be part of a global change.
Yousra Madani
Director, Morocco

I work with WWF to translate local ecological knowledge and scientific recommendations into marine conservation that benefits people and nature. This is made possible thanks to the outstanding dedication of talented colleagues from all over the Mediterranean and beyond. A typical day includes exchanging ideas and opinions with fishers, scientists, managers of protected areas, government officials and many others. The most rewarding and, at the same time, the most challenging part of my work is to help unite people with conflicting interests within the same conservation cause. One of my most cherished dreams is to see the Mediterranean monk seal thriving again, in harmony with fishermen, along North African shores.
Sofiane Mahjoub
Marine Programme Manager, WWF North Africa

I am dedicated to engaging people from all different parts of society to think about WWF’s values and messages, to protect Portuguese and Mediterranean biodiversity and to care for our planet and act with responsibility. My love for the Mediterranean Sea and its beautiful beaches, the light of Lisbon and the old neighbourhoods of the city, the forest and green landscapes all over Portugal, are at the heart of my work for WWF.
Angela Morgado
Director, Portugal

Working with WWF gives me the unique opportunity to contribute to the protection of the marine environment by combining scientific and socioeconomic approaches in my daily activities. I believe that this is the way to achieve true conservation of natural resources. I'm very proud to be part of the panda team! My love for the Mediterranean Sea is the reason why I chose to become a Marine Biologist. The Med for me is home. I love its incredible cultural diversity and its amazing landscapes and natural environment. I grew up snorkelling among Posidonia while following schools of sea bream or trying to spot an octopus moving over the rocky sea bed: nothing beats that feeling!
Mauro Randone
Marine Project Officer, Rome

The Adria region is one of extreme diversity. It takes about 30 minutes to get from the subalpine forests, with bears and other wildlife, to the beautiful sunny coast and thousands of islands. WWF is so important because it highlights our region’s natural and cultural importance on a global scale, combining it with social and economic development. My work involves promoting responsible forest management and motivating people to be more aware of nature conservation policies and regulations. Nature gives to those who care about it much more than we are ever able to give to nature, and I am grateful for this.
Stella Satalic
Forest officer, Croatia