Stories from Marine Protected Areas | WWF

The Mediterranean Sea is as beautiful as it is fragile. Today it is under threat. Marine Protected Areas are among the most effective tools we can use to bring about a positive change.

A healthy and productive sea is not just an issue of conservation but is of direct concern to people, supporting local communities, creating jobs and providing food. This is why WWF is working around the Mediterranean partnering with a wide range of national and international organizations to deliver an ambitious programme of support for MPAs.

We are building the capacity of MPA practitioners and strengthening the MPA network in the region. In the southeast Mediterranean we are making every effort to ensure that 8 MPAs move from a dormant state into an operational state, achieving full self-sufficiency.

We dedicate particular attention to fisheries and tourism management, demonstrating the value of MPAs to safeguard our amazing marine life, protect fishermen's livelihoods, boost local economies and give tourists the chance to discover some of our planet's most stunning treasures.
These objectives can be reached only with the participation and involvement of a whole range of local stakeholders and protagonists. We are happy to share some of their stories with you.