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Working with our partners and people from a wide range of sectors, we have contributed to major successes for people and nature in the Mediterranean.

In the sea, we’ve helped to:

  • Expand a network of marine protected areas and involve local people, including fishermen, in managing them.

  • Create the Pelagos Sanctuary for cetaceans which covers 4% of the Mediterranean basin.

  • Reform EU fisheries policy so that it supports sustainable fishing.

  • Win better protection for bluefin tuna, the world’s most valuable fish.


On land, we’ve helped to:

  • Create hundreds of thousands of hectares of new protected areas including important forests, wetlands and coastal habitats.

  • Build the market for sustainably produced cork to protect the Mediterranean’s unique cork oak landscapes.

  • Promote responsible forest management and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

  • Stop several destructive hydropower projects and propose alternatives with a lower environmental impact.


In society, we’ve helped to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations throughout the region.

  • Enable local people to benefit from sustainably managing their natural resources like fish and forests.

  • Influence government environmental policy in several countries.

  • Mobilize millions of euros for conservation through partnerships with development agencies and foundations.

  • Improve environmental practices in a number of sectors through our engagement with businesses.

  • Raise public awareness on issues such as sustainable seafood, energy and climate change, endangered wildlife and responsible forestry.

WWF Mediterranean - results 2016: a brief report of our achievements in 2016 - a year of promising progress towards achieving our conservation goals.